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About Us


Our Story

Guidespring has its roots in Journey Group when a small group of people began exploring the harm and healing of their childhood stories. As these groups developed over a 10 year period, Mike Yoder asked Esther Lapp and Katie Bomberger to join him in offering more support and GuideSpring was born in 2012 in a small office on Front Street in Milton. An advisory board was added for support and oversight. As people continued to experience the ripple effects of trauma and the ripple effects of healing, counselors and mentors were added. We branched out to provide support to people in other states such as Florida, Virginia, and Ohio. As we added staff, we needed more space and we moved to the bottom of an old horse barn in 2017. In 2020 the first Mentoring College was held, which allowed for more training for mentors and restorative justice. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to their own healing and from that healing they offer to listen to stories and provide compassion and kindness to others on their journey toward healing.

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Our Mission

GuideSpring is working to guide those disconnected from themselves, from others, and from God toward renewal.

Our Vision

We believe there is a spring of living water waiting for those traveling the desert of broken promises, missed opportunities, and memories of abuse. We stand with them in their story to listen and respond with hope.

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